How to get the best offer for my car?

Of course, there are quite a few answers to the question “Which is the best way to sell my car?”. One of them is resorting to on-line second-hand car exchange networks. Nevertheless, sellers who opt for this selling channel must be prepared to invest a lot of time and patience in the whole task. Should you also wish to buy a new car, at the same time as selling your old one, it would be a good idea to choose a car dealer. With the aid of the used cars price list for the UAE, you can easily inform yourself beforehand which second-hand car best suits your spending possibilities. The greatest issue when it comes to a part-exchange (trade-in) agreement with dealers is represented by the contractual obligations, which come with such an agreement. Most car dealers are tied to specific car makes and cannot, therefore, buy any others. For instance, should you wish to sell a Toyota Camry, and, buy a Nissan Altima in return, it would be quite a hard task to find a suitable dealer. Our RTA-authorized company can offer you an exclusive service when you do a trade-in purchase.


The following factors enable you to obtain the best possible price for your used vehicle:

✔ Cleaning of the vehicle (inside and outside)

✔ Removal of personal objects

✔ Production of the vehicle’s service history record

✔ Bringing along any optional extras

✔ Bills and receipts of any repairs carried out

✔ Production of winter and summer tyres

✔ Bringing along all sets of keys