White Point System to Be Implemented All Over the UAE

White Point System to Be Implemented All Over the UAE

buy Lyrica tablets uk The Dubai Traffic Police introduced the White Point System back in 2011 and it is still running successfully. After its success in Dubai, the click White Point System will now be applied to all over the UAE. With this system, the UAE authorities hope to reduce the ratio of fatal causalities and create a sense of responsibility among the drivers.

White Point System

site de rencontre avec femme de l'est This system will reward white points to the drivers who are abiding by the traffic laws. The motorists who drive a car without any traffic violation throughout the month will be rewarded with http://winevault.ca/?perex=fx-rates-live two white points at the end of each month and if the drivers remain successful to get 24 points at the end of the year, the Dubai Police rewards those drivers at various events, which includes UAE National day and other important occasions. Now, as the UAE police is also planning on implementing the same law across the UAE, the drivers of all of over the UAE will also enjoy the same white points as the drivers of Dubai are enjoying from the last six years.

Purpose of the System

http://josiart.at/rete/630 The Dubai Police thought that instead of only fining the driver for violating the traffic rules, the drivers should be rewarded with white points for following the traffic rules. Before introducing the white points system, the compensated dating hong kong forum Dubai Police introduced Black Point System in 2008 and in this system the drivers were given varying black points for violating the law.

http://celebritysex.cz/?triores=introvert-dating-site-uk&63b=04 The drivers who get more than 24 black point in a year will see a suspension of their driving license for three months and if the driver breaks the law for second or third time then the driver will face iq options отзывы a suspension of driving license for six months and they will not qualify for white point system. If somebody is driving a vehicle owned by another person then both the driver and the owner will forego any white points for that month.

Benefits of the System

The White Point System is, so far, a successful project in Dubai and the UAE Police is hoping that this system will also remain successful all across the UAE as well. The head of Federal Traffic Council and Assistant Commander in Chief of the Dubai Police, Major Mohamed Saif Al Zafin said that they found the White Point System a successful project and they awarded White Points to 1,800 drivers this year to start with the system and to encourage motorists to drive safely.

Major Mohamed Saif Al Zafin said that due to the White Point System, the prosent single norge ratio of road accidents and the ratio of fatal causalities has reduced. He said that the ratio of fatalities is six for every 100,000 people and by 2021 the traffic department is hoping to reduce this to 3 deaths.

Rewards Set by Dubai Police

The White Point System has introduced rewards to the drivers to http://aquanetta.pl/?kostromesp=opcje-binarne-biznes&e68=f0 encourage them to drive safely. The drivers will be awarded with white points for safe driving. Every year, almost 1,800 people get these white points, however, the Dubai Police Department Head said that they are planning to increase this ratio to encourage more drivers. The white points can be exchanged in many ways, it can even help to cancel some fines. If the driver earns white points for consecutive five years then the driver will be eligible to How To Get Viagra Prescription in Newark New Jersey enter a raffle draw for a luxury car.

Modification in Tinting Law

The weather in Dubai always remain so hot, and due to increase in temperature the drivers are rushing to tint their car windows to the maximum level to avoid heat wave. The Dubai Police has also altered this law and they are now allowing the drivers to use 50% of tinting of windows.

However, motorists should be careful about getting the exact level of tinting because, if they exceed the set limit, they are liable to get fined and receive black points as well. The motorists can tint every window, except the windshield screen and taxis and truck drivers will have to follow the previous 30% tinting rule.

After the implementation of new traffic laws, motorists need to be careful and learn the new traffic rules and laws so that they cannot commit traffic offenses and get link start accumulating White Points as soon as possible for great rewards.

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