5 Safety Features That Make Driving In Bad Weather Easy and Safe

see url Every driver is likely to suffer from bad weather and its consequences every once in a while. Living in the UAE means that you frequently have to brave sandstorms, rain, dust storms and more to reach your destination. However, that does not mean that you should stop your life and wait for these natural phenomenon to stop before you reclaim your life.

There are some safety features that make driving in any kind of bad weather much easier and safer. While purchasing a new car, it is important that you consider these safety features and make sure that your chosen car has at least some of these features, if not all.

Here are 5 safety features that are a great help while driving in bad weather conditions.

Traction Control

Car Traction Control

Traction Control is a handy little safety feature that basically enter equalizes the spin rate between all four tyres. This feature keeps a watchful look over all four wheels and if any one of the wheels is spinning faster than the other three tyres, the traction control will apply the brakes to that one tyre only and slow it down.

Traction Control becomes an important safety feature when the UAE motorists have to combat rain and floods that can make the roads slippery. It http://unikeld.nu/?ioweo=miglior-broker-opzioni&694=97 decreases the risk of an accident and gives more control to the driver in dire driving conditions.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Although Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is now a standard safety feature in many cars, it is still better to keep an eye out for this feature and see if it in the car or not. The primary benefit of this feature is that it improves driver control over the car, especially when the vehicle is being driven in bad weather conditions.

The basic work of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is to http://secfloripa.org.br/esminer/4972 prevent the brakes from locking and removing the risk of a car accident because the brakes did not apply when the driver needed it the most. It also decreases the chances of skidding as well.

With Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) installed, the binary options trading signals with franco driver will have more control over the brakes and apply them in a safer and more secure manner. It is recommended that the driver does not pump the brakes because this can turn Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) off.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a very important safety feature that http://uplaf.org/2016/03/14/2016-celebrating-class-announcements/embed/index.php?option=com_user compensates for under or over steering. It is basically a computer system that balances and controls steering misfortunes that are more likely to happen in bad weather conditions.

The vehicle can qualcuno opera su iq option slide out of control and cause an accident in such conditions. If a car has Electronic Stability Control (ESC), it will automatically detect the potential danger with the use of sensors located on all wheels to apply the brake when necessary stabilize the car.

If the car has more advanced Electronic Stability Control (ESC) it can even reduce the power of engine, so that the driver can maintain the control of the car better.


Although it is a standard safety feature in all cars, it is still best to check and double check if the car you purchase has airbags or not. In most cases, fare trading con bdswiss: vediamo come funzionano le quote di partecipazione. Come esercitare la mente! Vediamo ora nel dettaglio il primo di opzione legata al the car will have airbags for the front passenger and the driver. However, auto manufacturers are now providing more than just head and side airbags.

The car brands are now providing curtain airbags, thorax airbags, driver’s knee airbag and airbags for the passengers in the rear seats. According to multiple researches, the likelihood of an accident increases in a bad weather and airbags provide a way to ensure fewer injuries for everyone involved in the accident.

Airbags are not meant to provide complete protection to the passengers, it is just meant to go reduce the physical damage and the impact of the accident to the body of the passengers and driver. It will definitely reduce the injuries and make them less critical, especially any injury related to head.

Visibility Improving Features

The http://www.ivst-vz.de/?debin=bin%C3%A4res-trading-erfahrungen visibility of the driver is decreased in bad weather conditions and this is the reason why many brands are now adding minor yet very important features that actually improve the visibility of the driver. There are quite a few brands that are offering an ingenious systems that uses sensors to detect rain, snow and light conditions.

The http://mhs.se.loopiadns.com/evenemang/motorhistoriska-marknaden-2008/?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments lighting sensors will autonomously turn the lights on in conditions that require better visibility. Some of the conditions include storm clouds, rain, nightfall and dust storms to mention a few. If the visibility requires, the sensors will automatically set the windshield wipers in motion to improve your visibility in case of heave rain or dust storm.

What Else Is There?

Safety features such as the above mentioned will definitely help you by improving your visibility and make you feel confident while you drive, however, who's jessica simpson dating they are no substitute of a driver and his attentiveness. The driver is always the first person who will have to be attentive and stay focused on the road to be truly safe. Yes, these features improve your driving abilities, but it is not prudent to completely rely on them.


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